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Elon Reeve Musk FRS (born June 28, 1971) is an entrepreneur and commercial enterprise magnate. He is the founder, CEO, and Chief Engineer at SpaceX; early-level investor, CEO, and Product Architect of Tesla, Inc.; founding father of The Boring Company; and co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI. With an anticipated internet worth of around US$245 billion as of March 2022, Musk is the wealthiest character inside the world consistent with both the Bloomberg Billionaires Index and the Forbes actual-time billionaires listing.

Musk turned into born to a Canadian mom and a South African father and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. He in short attended the University of Pretoria earlier than shifting to Canada at age 17 to avoid conscription. He was enrolled at Queen’s University and transferred to the University of Pennsylvania two years later, where he received a bachelor’s degree in economics and physics. He moved to California in 1995 to attend Stanford University but was determined as a substitute to pursue a business profession, co-founding the internet software business enterprise Zip2 together with his brother Kimbal. The startup was obtained via Compaq for $307 million in 1999. The equal year, Musk co-founded online financial institution X.Com, which merged with Confinity in 2000 to shape PayPal. The enterprise became offered with the aid of eBay in 2002 for $1.5 billion.

In 2002, Musk founded SpaceX, an aerospace producer, and space delivery offerings organization, of which he is CEO and Chief Engineer. In 2004, he joined electric automobile producer Tesla Motors, Inc. (now Tesla, Inc.) as chairman and product architect, becoming its CEO in 2008. In 2006, he helped create SolarCity, a solar electricity offerings business enterprise that become later obtained through Tesla and became Tesla Energy. In 2015, he co-founded OpenAI, a nonprofit research enterprise that promotes pleasant synthetic intelligence. In 2016, he co-founded Neuralink, a neurotechnology enterprise centered on the growing mind–computer interfaces, and founded The Boring Company, a tunnel creation corporation. Musk has proposed the Hyperloop, an excessive-pace vactrain transportation device.

Musk has been criticized for unorthodox and unscientific stances and particularly publicized controversial statements. In 2018, he was sued with the aid of the America Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for falsely tweeting that he had secured funding for a non-public takeover of Tesla. He settled with the SEC, quickly stepping down from his chairmanship and agreeing to obstacles on his Twitter usage. In 2019, he won a defamation trial brought in opposition to him by means of a British caver who cautioned in the Tham Luang cave rescue. Musk has additionally been criticized for spreading incorrect information approximately the COVID-19 pandemic and for his different views on such topics as artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and public shipping.

Early’s life

Childhood and family

Elon Reeve Musk become born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, South Africa. His mother is Maye Musk (née Haldeman), a version and dietitian born in Saskatchewan, Canada, but raised in South Africa. His father is Errol Musk ……

Early’s Business career


In 1995, Musk, Kimbal, and Greg Kouri founded internet software program employer Zip2 with a price range from angel traders. They housed the venture at a small rented office in Palo Alto.  The organization advanced and marketed an Internet town manual for the newspaper publishing industry, with maps, guidelines, and yellow pages. Musk says that before the business enterprise became successful, he couldn’t have enough money for a condo and rather rented an office and slept on the sofa and showered at the YMCA, and shared one laptop together with his brother. (Elon Musk ) According to Musk, “The website became up for the duration of the day and I become coding it at night, seven days every week, all the time.” The Musk brothers received contracts with The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune and persuaded the board of administrators to abandon plans for a merger with CitySearch. Musk’s attempts to emerge as CEO, a position held by way of its Chairman Rich Sorkin, were thwarted through the board. Compaq obtained Zip2 for $307 million in cash in February 1999, and Musk acquired $22 million for his 7-percentage share.


X.com and PayPal

In 1999, Musk co-based X.Com, online financial offerings, and email price business enterprise. The startup became one of the first federally insured online banks, and, in its initial months of operation, over 200,000 customers joined the provider. The employer’s investors seemed Musk as inexperienced and had him changed with Intuit CEO Bill Harris via the quit of the year. In the following 12 months, X.Com merged with online bank Confinity to keep away from the competition. Founded with the aid of Max Levchin and Peter Thiel, Confinity had its own cash-transfer provider, PayPal, which turned into extra popular than X.Com’s service. Within the merged enterprise, Musk returned as CEO. Musk’s choice for Microsoft software program over Linux created a rift within the employer and brought on Thiel to resign. Due to resulting technological issues and lack of a cohesive commercial enterprise version, the board ousted Musk and replaced him with Thiel in September 2000. Under Thiel, the employer centered at the PayPal service and was renamed PayPal in 2001. In 2002, PayPal turned obtained with the aid of eBay for $1.Five billion in stock, of which Musk—the biggest shareholder with eleven.7% of shares—received over $a hundred million.        (Elon Musk )

In 2017, Musk purchased the domain X.Com from PayPal for an undisclosed quantity, explaining it has sentimental price



Main article: SpaceX        (Elon Musk )

In 2001, Musk have become involved with the nonprofit Mars Society. He became stimulated by plans to vicinity a boom-chamber for flora on Mars and mentioned investment the task himself. In October 2001, Musk traveled to Moscow with Jim Cantrell and Mike Griffin to shop for refurbished Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that could ship the greenhouse payloads into space. He met with corporations NPO Lavochkin and Kosmotras; but, Musk changed into seen as a novice and became even spat on by way of one of the Russian leader designers. The institution returned to the US empty-exceeded. In February 2002, the organization again to Russia to look for three ICBMs. They had another assembly with Kosmotras and have been presented one rocket for $eight million, which Musk rejected. Musk alternatively decided to start an agency that could build less costly rockets. With $a hundred million of his early fortune, Musk founded Space Exploration Technologies Corp., traded as SpaceX, in May 2002. As of 2021, he stays the agency’s CEO and also holds the title of Chief Engineer.      (Elon Musk )

SpaceX attempted its first launch of the Falcon 1 rocket in 2006,  and even though the rocket did not reach Earth orbit, it was offered a Commercial Orbital Transportation Services software settlement from NASA later that year. After two more failed tries, which reportedly caused Musk a lot of stress that he became “waking from nightmares, screaming and in bodily pain,” SpaceX succeeded in launching the Falcon 1 into orbit in 2008, making it the primary non-public liquid-gas rocket to accomplish that. Later that yr, SpaceX acquired a $1.6 billion Commercial Resupply Services program settlement from NASA for 12 flights of its Falcon nine rocket and Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station, changing the Space Shuttle after its 2011 retirement. In 2012, the Dragon automobile berthed with the ISS, a first for a personal organization. Working towards its purpose of reusable rockets, in 2015, SpaceX effectively landed the primary level of a Falcon 9. Landings have been later carried out on a self-reliant spaceport drone ship, an ocean-primarily based restoration platform. In 2018, SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy; the inaugural mission carried Musk’s private Tesla Roadster as a dummy payload. In 2017, SpaceX unveiled its next-technology launch automobile and spacecraft machine, Big Falcon Rocket, later renamed to Starship, which might aid all SpaceX launch provider issuer abilities. In 2018, SpaceX introduced a planned 2023 lunar circumnavigation undertaking, a personal flight known as the dear moon undertaking. In 2020, SpaceX launched its first crewed flight, the Demo-2, becoming the first private corporation to vicinity someone into orbit and dock a crewed spacecraft with the ISS.

SpaceX began the improvement of the Starlink constellation of low Earth orbit satellites in 2015 to provide satellite Internet get the right of entry, with the first two prototype satellites launched in February 2018. A 2d set of test satellites and the primary huge deployment of a piece of the constellation came about in May 2019, when the first 60 operational satellites had been launched. The total price of the last decade-lengthy challenge to layout, build, and install the constellation is envisioned via SpaceX to be approximately $10 billion.      (Elon Musk )

The employer has attracted complaints from astronomers who say Starlink’s satellites are blocking the view of the skies, and from experts arguing that they threaten to collide and inflicting risks in the area. Musk rejected the grievance, stating that the effect of satellites is “not anything” and that “space is just extremely substantial, and satellites are very tiny.”


Elon’s Tesla

Main article: Tesla, Inc.

Tesla, Inc.—initially Tesla Motors—was integrated in July 2003 through Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, who financed the enterprise till the Series A spherical of funding. Both men performed energetic roles inside the business enterprise’s early improvement previous to Musk’s involvement. Musk led the Series A spherical of funding in February 2004; he invested $6.5 million, have become the majority shareholder, and joined Tesla’s board of administrators as chairman. Musk took an active function within the employer and oversaw the Roadster product layout however changed into not being deeply worried in everyday business operations. Following a chain of escalating conflicts in 2007 and the 2008 monetary crisis, Eberhard became ousted from the firm. Musk assumed management of the organization as CEO and product architect in 2008. A 2009 lawsuit settlement with Eberhard special Musk as a Tesla co-founder, at the side of Tarpenning and others. As of 2019, Elon Musk turned into the longest-tenured CEO of any automotive manufacturer globally. In 2021, Musk nominally changed his name to Technoking even as maintaining his position as CEO.        (Elon Musk )

  Tesla first built an electric-powered sports activities automobile, the Roadster, in 2008. With sales of about 2,500 cars, it became the primary serial manufacturing all-electric car to apply lithium-ion battery cells. Tesla started out delivery of its 4-door Model S sedan in 2012; a cross-over, the Model X turned into launched in 2015. A mass-market sedan, the Model three, changed into launched in 2017. As of March 2020, it is the sector’s pleasant-promoting electric vehicle, with more than 500,000 gadgets introduced. A 5th vehicle, the Model Y crossover, changed into released in 2020. The Cybertruck, an all-electric-powered pickup truck, turned into unveiled in 2019. Under Musk, Tesla has additionally constructed multiple lithium-ion batteries and electric automobile subassembly factories, which include Gigafactory 1 in Nevada and Gigafactory 3 in China.

Musk at the 2019 Tesla annual shareholder assembly
Since its initial public presentation in 2010, Tesla inventory has risen appreciably; it has become the most precious carmaker in summer 2020, and it entered the S&P 500 later that yr. In October 2021 it reached a market capitalization of $1 trillion, the 6th agency to accomplish that in U.S. Records. On November 6, 2021, Musk proposed on Twitter selling 10% of his Tesla inventory, on the grounds that “a whole lot is made currently of unrealized gains being a way of tax avoidance”. After more than 3.5 million Twitter bills supported the sale, Musk bought $6.Nine billion of Tesla stock in the week ending November 12, and a total of $16.4 billion by using 12 months quit, achieving the ten% target. In February 2022, The Wall Street Journal stated that both Elon and Kimbal Musk had been beneath research by means of the SEC for viable insider buying and selling associated with the sale.

SEC lawsuit

In September 2018, Musk became sued via the SEC for a tweet claiming funding was secured for potentially taking Tesla private. The lawsuit claimed that discussions Musk held with overseas investors in July 2018 did no longer confirm key deal phrases and as a consequence characterized the tweet as fake, misleading, and destructive to investors, and sought to bar Musk from serving as CEO of publicly-traded agencies. Musk referred to the allegations as unjustified and claimed he had never compromised his integrity. Two days later, Musk settled with the SEC, without admitting or denying the SEC’s allegations. As a result, Musk and Tesla have been fined $20 million every, and Musk become compelled to step down for three years as Tesla chairman but became capable of staying as CEO.      (Elon Musk )

Musk has stated in interviews he does not regret posting the tweet that brought about the SEC research. On February 19, 2019, Musk stated in a tweet that Tesla would construct half of a million vehicles in 2019. The SEC reacted to Musk’s tweet by submitting in court docket, to begin with asking the court docket to maintain him in contempt for violating the terms of a settlement agreement with the sort of tweet, which becomes disputed by using Musk. This changed into finally settled by means of a joint settlement between Musk and the SEC clarifying the previous settlement details. The agreement included a listing of topics that Musk might need preclearance earlier than tweeting approximately. In May 2020, a judge averted a lawsuit from intending that claimed a tweet by means of Musk regarding Tesla inventory price (“too high IMO”) violated the settlement. FOIA released information showing that the SEC itself concluded Musk has eventually violated the agreement twice via tweeting concerning “Tesla’s sunroof manufacturing volumes and its stock fee”.      (Elon Musk )


SolarCity and Tesla Energy – (Elon Musk )

Two green vans sporting the SolarCity logo

SolarCity solar-panel installation vans in 2009

Musk supplied the initial concept and economic capital for SolarCity, which his cousins Lyndon and Peter Rive co-founded in 2006. By 2013, SolarCity was the second-largest company of sun strength systems in the United States. In 2014, Musk promoted the idea of SolarCity building a complicated manufacturing facility in Buffalo, New York, triple the scale of the biggest solar plant in the United States. Construction at the factory started out in 2014 and turned into completion in 2017. It operated as a joint assignment with Panasonic till early 2020 when Panasonic departed.

Tesla obtained SolarCity for over $2 billion in 2016 and merged it with its battery energy garage merchandise division to create Tesla Energy. The statement of the deal ended in a greater than 10% drop in Tesla’s inventory price. At the time, SolarCity became going through liquidity troubles; but, Tesla shareholders were no longer knowledgeable.[150] Consequently, more than one shareholder organization filed a lawsuit against Musk and Tesla’s administrators, claiming that the acquisition of SolarCity turned into finished totally to advantage Musk and came at the price of Tesla and its shareholders. During a June 2019 court deposition, Musk stated that the organization reallocated every possible employee from the solar department to work on the Model 3, and, according to Musk, “as a result, solar suffered.” This had no longer previously been disclosed to shareholders. Court documents unsealed in 2019 have confirmed that Musk turned into also aware of the organization’s liquidity issues. Tesla directors settled the lawsuit in January 2020, leaving Musk the sole remaining defendant.    (Elon Musk )

Neuralink -(Elon Musk )

Musk standing next to bulky medical equipment on a stage

Musk discussing a Neuralink tool in the course of a live demonstration in 2020

In 2016, Musk co-based Neuralink, a neurotechnology startup business enterprise to integrate the human brain with synthetic intelligence (AI) by growing devices that might be embedded in the human brain to facilitate its merging with machines. The gadgets may also reconcile with the cutting-edge enhancements in artificial intelligence to live updated. Such upgrades may want to beautify memory or permit the devices to speak with software more efficaciously.

At a live demonstration in August 2020, Musk defined one in each of their early gadgets as “a Fitbit to your cranium” that would quickly cure paralysis, deafness, blindness, and different disabilities. Many neuroscientists and courses criticized these claims; MIT Technology Review described them as “extraordinarily speculative” and “neuroscience theater”.

The Boring Company -(Elon Musk )

Musk speaks to a crowd of journalists. Behind him is a lighted tunnel.

Musk during the 2018 inauguration of the Boring Test Tunnel in Hawthorne, California

In 2016, Musk founded The Boring Company to construct tunnels.[160] In early 2017, the organization commenced discussions with regulatory bodies and initiated construction of a 30-foot (9.1 m) wide, 50-foot (15 m) lengthy, and 15-foot (four.6 m) deep “check trench” at the premises of SpaceX’s offices as it required no lets in. A tunnel beneath the Las Vegas Convention Center become finished in early 2021. Local officers have authorized further expansions of the tunnel machine.

As a vending and publicity stunt, The Boring Company bought 2,000 novelty flamethrowers in 2018. The concept changed into allegedly stimulated through the Mel Brooks-directed film Spaceballs (1987).

Managerial style and treatment of employees – (Elon Musk )

See also: Criticism of Tesla, Inc. § Workplace way of life issues

Musk’s managerial fashion and remedy of his employees had been heavily criticized. One individual who labored carefully with Musk said he famous “a high level of degenerate behavior” consisting of paranoia and bullying. Another described him as exhibiting “general and whole pathological sociopathy”. Business Insider reported that Tesla personnel were advised no longer to walk past Musk’s desk because of his “wild firing rampages”. The Wall Street Journal stated that, after Musk insisted on branding his vehicles as “self-driving”, he confronted grievance from his engineers, some of whom resigned in reaction, with one declaring that Musk’s “reckless selection making… Ha[d] potentially positioned purchaser lives at threat”. The 2021 ebook Power Play consists of more than one anecdote of Musk berating employees.


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